2-way bass-reflex audiophile speaker in bookshelf format, symmetrical design.
Uncompromising high-end sound reproduction!

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Symmetrical design speakers made in pairs
(1 left speaker + 1 right speaker)

NECTAR® is the culmination of four years of research and development, in search of absolute and uncompromising musicality.

From the very first notes, NECTAR® imposes its presence with a clear and realistic sound reproduction of all the instruments, with a deep and perfectly developed stage.

Despite its library format, the performance of NECTAR® gives it absolutely exceptional listening, worthy of the best high-end high-fidelity systems.

The details are transcribed with precision, warmth and generosity, whatever the style of music or the listening level.

Assets of NECTAR® :

NECTAR® is a Registered design.

Specifications (per speaker)

Nominal power: 150 Watts300 Watts peak

Power of the measuring amplifier: 800 Watts RMS at 8 Ohms

Possibility of bi-wiring or bi-amplification
High performance coupling jumpers supplied with the speakers

Average Impedance: 5.5 Ohms in mono or in bi-wiring
Minimum impedance: 4.1 Ohms at 134 Hertz
Bi-amplification impedance ≈ 8 Ohms by electric way
Impedance and electrical phase corrected (module F3)

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In red the electrical phase, in blue the impedance of NECTAR®

Sensitivity: 86 dB for 2.83 Volts at 1 meter
Nominal sound pressure: 107.5 dB
Peak sound pressure: 110.5 dB

Frequency response: 22 Hz — 30 kHz (-4dB)
Port tuning: 29 Hertz
Internal useful volume ≈ 36 liters (79.4 lbs)

High-end crossovers with very wide tracks gilded with fine gold

Cross frequency: 3070 Hz
F2-C crossover slope, woofer: 6 dB/Octave
F2 crossover slope, woofer: 12 dB/Octave
F1 crossover slope, tweeter: 18 dB/Octave

Multi-pairing of crossovers components and all transducers

Woofer: G-03 (8 inch – 22 cm – long excursion cone)
Tweeter: A-03 (1.1 inch – 28 mm fabric dome)

Dimensions of the cabinet (excluding loudspeakers and terminal blocks):
Height 1.41 ft x Width 0.92 ft x Maximum depth 1.65 ft
Height 43 cm x Width 28 cm x Maximum depth 50.2 cm

These dimensions may vary slightly according to the finish.

Weight of a speaker: 43.65 lbs – 19.8 Kg – (without packaging)

Decoupling spikes: inserts with M6 and M8 threads installed as standard on the base of the speakers (double capability)

Prices and finishes

In their standard version, NECTAR® cabinets have a magnificent natural oak veneer revealing superb veining.

For excellent resistance over time, the finish is made using 5% matte varnish, soft to the touch.

Public price from January 1, 2024
(the pair of symmetrical design speakers):

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Oak veneer

Matt varnish finish 5%


Other veneers or finishes are available.
Please contact us.

Other pattern
Other finish

On special order
Please consult us

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See the Payment methods of our Terms of Sale, and the contact forms for private customers or for professionals.


NECTAR® offers a realistic and truly musical rendering, with a perfectly developed soundstage.
Made from tested and carefully selected components, they afford a clear, precise reproduction, rich in detail and emotion.

Very easy to control, it naturally combine with the best high-fidelity equipment, whatever its power or technology.

NECTAR® is truly THE answer to your expectations.


In perfect harmony with your musical tastes, whether you are a fan of a soft and refined listening such as can offer a luxurious tube amplifier, or of a much more muscular reproduction resulting from very powerful high-end monophonic blocks, NECTAR® will surprise you with its ability to faithfully reproduce the most complex sound scenes, in all circumstances.

To best adapt to your system, NECTAR® has a double and very generous terminal block, thus allowing bi-wiring or bi-amplification and accepting very large sections of cables.

The impedance of the speakers as well as their electrical phase are corrected, thus allowing coupling with ALL EXISTING ELECTRONICS, whatever their power or their technology (tube, transistor or hybrid).

In order to run off the excess physical energy released during restitution, or on the contrary to absorb it, the soles of NECTAR® are fitted at each angle with double screw-in inserts, allowing the installation of M6 or M8 thread decoupling tips (double capability).
M6 and M8 type threads are the current standards for these accessories.

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Possibility to install M6 or M8 decoupling spikes


NECTAR® is able to faithfully reproduce a very wide sound spectrum, without accident, feeling of lack in certain registers.

From sub-bass below 30 Hz to very high frequencies reaching 30 kHz, NECTAR® will surprise you with its clear, distortion-free reproduction quality, whatever the sound level.

For optimum use even in single-wiring, its coupling jumpers supplied as standard are exclusive, high-performance models, whose connections are entirely gilded with fine gold.

These jumpers are specifically developed by TAP electro-acoustique for our speakers.

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Design of the cabinet

For perfect sturdiness and controlled resonance, our speaker cabinets are made of 22 mm thick MDF, adorned in their standard version, with a magnificent natural oak veneer, revealing superb veining, paired on the visible side.

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The loudspeakers that equip NECTAR® are acoustically phased, taking into account both their individual parameters, but also the modifications induced by the filtering systems. An additional baffle has been added for the G-03 woofer to shift it in time.

Each transducer is held to the cabinet by steel screws, tightened to a specific torque and secured with thread lock, on dedicated claw nuts.
The screws do not directly “bite” into the cabinetry. This process makes it possible to control the rigidity and the tuning of the assembly, thus ensuring the durability of the assembly.

The rigidity of the cabinet is ensured by an internal reinforcement, positioned halfway between the front face and the rear face.

Low/medium register and tuning of the port

For the reproduction of the low frequencies, the NECTAR® woofer G-03 is a powerful model with 8 inch (22 cm) long excursion cone, withstanding very heavy loads over time without bottoming out effect (popping noise).

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To reduce as much as possible the edge effects resulting in parasitic noise, particular care has been taken in the development of the port, the two openings of which are flared.
On NECTAR®, the port tuning frequency is particularly low for a bookshelf speaker, namely 29 Hertz.

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The bass is present right down to the lowest notes, in a natural way, without demonstrative effect.

A clean and deep, well-groomed, fast and precise bass.

The combination of a very low frequency tuning, a rigid cabinet without parasitic resonance and with a front port, allows the bass register to be well distributed, making it very efficient, making it easier to place the speakers in any domestic environment.

NECTAR® does not “snore”, even placed in unusual places or close to walls.

High frequencies

The tweeter A-03 is a plush 1.1 inch (28 mm) soft dome, fabric design. It is placed at the top edge of each speaker, the left and right front faces of which are symmetrical by the vertical axis.
This particular arrangement allows the tweeters to be “cleared”, giving them the possibility of radiating more and more freely beyond the fronts of the speakers.

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Listening to this results in a soundstage rich in detail, aerial and without a feeling of lack between the two speakers.
The distance between the latter can therefore easily be between 6.5 and 13 ft (2 and 4 meters). To be adapted according to your environment and your listening point.

In addition, these tweeters have a special feature that is important: a very low directivity. This simple factor alone greatly facilitates the integration of NECTAR® into a home environment, whose acoustics are sometimes complex.

Associated with a high-end crossover, these magnificent dome tweeters are able to faithfully reproduce the voices with all their harmonics (this little grain that makes each of them identifiable among all), as well as all the instruments requiring the highest spectrum, up to 30 kHz.
They are also very effective on electronic or modern music, where every detail, however small, remains perfectly audible in all circumstances.

Crossovers and wiring

In each NECTAR® speaker, the signal processing modules are separated into 4 distinct electronic boards, judiciously distributed inside the cabinet in order to avoid any interaction with the loudspeakers.
These circuits are broken down as follows: 1 crossover F2-C and 1 crossover F2 for low/medium frequencies , 1 crossover F1 for high frequencies, and 1 module F3 for smoothing the impedance and the electrical phase.

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In red the electrical phase, in blue the impedance of NECTAR®

In order to ensure optimum performance, the tracks of the boards of the crossovers are double-sided, very broadly sized and gilded with 2 successive layers of fine gold.

In addition, the components and wires used in our crossovers and impedance correction systems of NECTAR® are renowned and precise audiophile models, with technologies best suited to their function within each circuit.

The reproduction of high frequencies is entrusted to voluminous capacities, made of foils of very pure copper, with polypropylene and paper insulation, in oil.
Their large exchange surface makes it possible to obtain fine and analytical highs, without excessive whistling as with many other models.

The attenuation resistors are ultra-precise models, with advanced musicality so as not to lose any detail. Their resistive element is sealed in a thick copper tube, with an electrode intended for signal shielding.

All of them have very tight tolerances of ±1%.

For all the electrical ways, the coils used are very precise models, made of 4N pure copper wire of large diameters, with very low serial resistance.

The loudspeaker cabling is made with individual wire of very strong section, the core of which is made of pure copper plated with silver.

The threads are protected by a thick cotton sheath, making them acoustically transparent inside de cabinets.

The speakers terminals and all the connection lugs are Gold plated.

After the final phase of the multi pairing, all the components are glued on the circuit boards of the crossovers, with for the bulkier ones (which are also the heaviest), additional support by collars.

The solders are carefully cleaned one by one, and varnished in order to avoid any form of oxidation.

Multi pairing

Crossovers components are individually measured and then matched to further reduce tolerances.

Likewise, each of the transducers is meticulously measured separately.
The tweeters are paired together, then best married with the woofers, themselves also paired.

The crossovers are then adjusted with precision, thus making it possible to obtain a perfect coherence of the sets.


Reproduction from low to mid frequencies is entrusted to the G-03 driver, 8 inch (22 cm) long-excursion cone, integrating a very powerful and well ventilated coil, able to withstand over time very violent accelerations without bottoming out effect (popping noise).

Low frequencies test with G-03
on prototype speaker

This allows in fact the coupling of the NECTAR® with very powerful electronics, thus making it possible to obtain a deep bass and a great dynamic.

For high frequencies, the transition occurs naturally to the tweeter A-03, also allowing realistic listening level over the long term.

Thanks to a choice of high-end audiophile components, very largely oversized, with very specific values and performances, the whole reveals a low rate of distortion, even at high volume listening.

Setup and maintenance

Our NECTAR® speakers are to be associated with excellent, very musical electronics, for a truly exceptional listening experience.

The NECTAR® must be used in a symmetrical pair, WITHOUT ANY OTHER SPEAKER connected on the same line, and WITHOUT A SUBWOOFER, whether active or passive.

In order to obtain a coherent soundstage and to keep the speakers in perfect conditions of use, here are our instructions:

  • Suggested speaker spacing: between 6.5 and 13 ft – 2 and 4 meters (typical: 10 ft__3 meters)
  • Recommended listening height from the floor: 1.97 ft (±0.3 ft) – 60 cm (±10 cm)
  • Advised rear clearance: at least 1 ft – 30 cm (no maximum)
  • Lateral clearance from a wall: at least 1.3 ft – 40 cm (no maximum)
  • Avoid as much as possible placing the speakers in angles
  • Diffusion direction: 10 to 20 degrees towards the listening area
  • Install the speakers on suitable supports, perfectly stable flat surfaces
  • Do not place anything on the speakers, even when not in use
  • Do not touch the domes or the membranes of the loudspeakers
  • Never obstruct the port, even partially.

IMPORTANT: blocking the port, even partially, necessarily detunes the speaker and has a detrimental effect on the reproduction of the lowest frequencies.
This can also lead to abnormal heating of the woofer coil.

PLEASE NOTE: in their original version, our speakers NECTAR® are deliberately free of covers or protective grilles, in order to maximize diffusion and perfectly develop the sound stage.

When the speakers are not in use, we recommend that you cover them with a light, silky cloth. This helps prevent dust from building up on the loudspeakers, and can also help block out direct sunlight.

The speakers should be cleaned with a DRY, very soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Also discover our high-end CABLES, specifically designed to perfectly complement our speakers.

The applicable warranty to our speakers, as described in their initial article sheet, is that corresponding to a standard product of our Terms of Sale.

Any request for customization will lead to transforming these items into a personalized product. Colors or finishes other than those initially proposed by TAP electro-acoustique fall within this definition criterion.

Our speakers are intended FOR DOMESTIC LISTENING with high-end high-fidelity equipment, and not for any form of sound system, whether private or public.

Professional STUDIO-type applications are also compatible with our speakers, as long as the settings of the amplification systems respect their nominal power and do not clip.

We invite you to read all of our Terms of Sale, in particular the warranty exclusion clauses.

TAP electro-acoustique continually pursues a policy of improvement and development of its products, certain criteria of which are subject to change without notice.

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