TAP electro-acoustique creates exceptional speakers and cables, for lovers of high-end sound reproduction.

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TAP electro-acoustique products are carefully handcrafted in Nouvelle Aquitaine (South West of France), with skilled components with outstanding musicality, and designed to stand the test of time.

A real investment.

We present to you NECTAR®,
the ultimate speaker without concessions

To get them as soon as possible, you can pre-order your future NECTAR® and be among the rare audiophiles to own truly extraordinary speakers!

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NECTAR® is the culmination of four years of research and development, in search of absolute and uncompromising musicality.

With its outstanding bandwidth of 22Hz to 30kHz (-4dB), NECTAR® is unbeatable in the category of bookshelf speakers, and in fact competes with much larger systems.

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To perfectly complement our NECTAR® speakers, we have developed specific FLUID® cables, which will make the most of your high-fidelity installation.

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In this incessant quest for perfection, to advantageously complement our NECTAR® speakers and their specific FLUID® cables, we have developed HOOK coupling jumpers.
The sole purpose of this trio is to extract the quintessence of your high-fidelity installation.

Like all TAP electro-acoustique products, HOOK will not leave you indifferent…

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Our philosophy

To offer you high-performance, multipurpose and powerful high-end speakers, providing true musical listening, with deep bass and precise highs, the crossovers and wiring of which are developed from components specifically designed for “high-end” audio, all in a superb, perfectly rigid cabinet which does not present any parasitic resonance.

Speakers worthy of the best podiums.

Our products are designed to extract the essence of the sources that power them and stand the test of time. For this, we make our speakers and cables with distinctive components, with very advanced musicality.

In perfect harmony with your musical tastes and your equipment, our speakers can be combined with low power tube amplifiers, as well as very muscular electronics, with a minimum of distortion even at high listening level.
They can be easily adapted to any system, whatever its technology (tube, transistor or hybrid)..

Our speakers accept bi-wiring or bi-amplification.

High-end speakers

When developing our products, each element selected really has its place.

We spend many hours listening and comparing each component that makes up our speakers, in order to achieve the happiest musical marriages, all associated with a high level of performance.
Only the best elements are selected, those providing real emotion when listening, whatever the type of music transcribed.

We work with prestigious brands and serious partners. All of them share with us this same philosophy of excellence and rigor.

Some items used in the manufacture of our products do not correspond to the values of current standards.
We therefore make them to measure or procure them from a specific catalog.

To complete our range of speakers with dignity, also discover the connection cables to the amplification systems, specifically developed for our speakers, thus allowing you to get the most out of your high-fidelity equipment.

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TAP electro-acoustique© - Copyright